This platform utilizes the digital approach to match prospective agricultural mentees to mentors to facilitate an efficient exchange of experiences.

The Challenge

Today, about 40% of Nigeria's unemployment and working poverty issues have been consistently youth-dominated. As published by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports in the 2020 second quarter, data on youth unemployment revealed that youth (15-34 years old) stood at 35%. Although agriculture offers excellent employment opportunities for youths in Nigeria, these opportunities are yet to be explored. This is due to Nigerian youths’ apathy for agriculture and poor agri-preneurship skills, which have prevented the youths from maximizing the sector's full potential. African Development Bank's Projections revealed that continued agriculture growth would create about 41 million jobs over the next ten (10) years. Despite this projection, about 80% of these youths lack employable skills in agriculture or other sectors of the economy. Agriculture becomes handy in creating employment opportunities for these youths.

The Solution

We are set to address this problem with our ProAgriMatch Model. This model utilizes a hybrid model (online and onsite) to match aspiring agri-preneurs or early-level agri-preneurs or agri-interested unemployed youths to a role model vis-a-vis mentor in the sector who coaches, trains, and facilitates necessary support for a productive career for the youth in Agriculture. The project is expected to help youths escape unemployment and poverty, enhancing sustainable development goals.
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