Who we are

Agrisol and Training Hub is a private firm registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in December 2021. A myriad of challenges faces the Nigerian agricultural landscape. As such, there is a need for innovative approaches to address these challenges. At Agrisol and Training Hub, we take pleasure in addressing some of these challenges using innovative approaches while partnering with concerned stakeholders in co-designing relevant solutions based on field evidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the way agriculture is practiced in Africa through innovative digital solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to create targeted, innovative digital solutions and make our solutions accessible, affordable, and sustainable to enhance agricultural production in Africa. We believe agri-tech solutions make agribusiness fun.

Our innovative solutions


Are you a farmer looking for direct access to quality, affordable farm inputs at your location? Agribroom is your best bet! This mobile app helps farmers access timely, quality, and affordable farm inputs, leveraging a tripartite model of digital financing, identification, and group dynamics management.


Are you an agricultural employer looking for competent and loyal farm managers? Agri-managers is what you have been waiting for. With this solution, we recruit, train, and deploy agricultural managers to agricultural organizations in Nigeria.

Digital Agribusiness School

Are you searching for the best place to develop your agricultural enterprise skills for business sustainability? Our digital agribusiness school is your choice! This platform provides targeted top-notch agribusiness management training to aspiring or existing agri-preneurs anytime, anywhere.

Agri eXtension:

Are you an agricultural innovator looking for a platform to diffuse your innovation? We have got you covered! With this solution, we help agricultural innovators or researchers diffuse innovations to their targets through efficiently delivered agricultural extension services.


Are you an aspiring or early-level agri-preneur looking for first-hand experience from an experienced mentor in your interest? Look no further; let us connect you to our hub of experienced and seasoned mentors. This platform utilizes the digital approach to match prospective agricultural mentees to mentors to facilitate an efficient exchange of relevant experiences.

Meet our Team

We boast a team of seasoned agricultural professionals with years of experience.
Toyin Samuel OLOWOGBON, PhD
Co-founder and Lead Technical Strategist

Ayodeji Julius ALADE
Co-Founder and Technology Director

Omolola Faith OLOWOGBON
Co-Founder and Field Director

Dr. Mrs. Oluwaremilekun Adebisi
Advisory Board Member

Our Partners